robot asks what are the benefits of home automation

6 Benefits Of Home Automation Technology That Will Improve Your Life

In the past home automation was something we only saw in magazines and model homes in big private housing communities. Over the past couple of decades, the hardware and software used in home automation have gotten cheaper and more advanced. Perhaps the most significant development in this space is the way home automation devices are able to connect with other technology. These are no longer just sensors and switches; they are fully capable IoT devices that can do a lot more than just trigger an alarm.

When used in the right setup, home automation systems have the ability to monitor and operate the infrastructure in a home more efficiently than human residents can. Modern home automation systems are entire networks that keep track of every little metric in every corner of the property. They are led by a single chip that processes all this information and makes the necessary changes to improve the quality of life, security, ambiance, or any other objective that you give it. Here are a few of the most prominent benefits of integrating automation in your home.

robot asks what are the benefits of home automation

1. Convenience

How many times have you been on your way home and wished there was some way you could turn the air conditioner on before you got home?

How many times have you left a light on in a room and were only reminded when you went back to that room several hours later?

How many times have you had to ask a neighbor to collect a parcel you were expecting because you didn’t want someone to steal it off your front porch?

These are things that every homeowner has faced and home automation systems can solve all these issues. The latest systems even have dedicated apps that you can use to control different parts of your home. You don’t even need to get up out of your seat to change the speed of the fan or switch on a light in the garden. With smart home systems like Google Home and Alexa, you can just speak to the home automation system without even needing to pull out your phone. These systems are more convenient and more efficient than having a personal assistant.

2. Security

You can have cameras on your property, but merely recording what is happening on the premises is not enough.

Home automation systems can use different sensors such as cameras, motion detectors, and even temperature scanners, to understand what is happening on the property. The system can be designed to react in specific ways to a particular stimulus. You can have the system notify you on your phone, call the police,  inform a neighbor of a disturbance, or do a range of other things.

How you design your home automation system for security depends on your specific needs. You can use your home automation system to get a detailed log of exactly what happened in your home while you were away. There are countless home automation ideas that you can draw inspiration from. You can even use your home automation system to keep an eye on your pets.

Smart security systems are one of the main reasons why people invest in home automation systems.

3. Energy Efficiency

We use many different kinds of resources in the home such as water, gas, and electricity but we aren’t always using them efficiently when we control things manually.

A home automation system can take over control of your HVAC, the power sockets in the home, the curtains, the appliances, and even the sprinkler system in the garden. The performance of all these elements is constantly monitored, and the home automation system makes minor changes to reduce energy loss and improve performance. If you forget a light on in a room, the home automation will monitor the space for inactivity for a few minutes and when it is sure there is no one in that room, it will automatically turn the light off.

It can lower your curtains on a hot day so that your HVAC doesn’t have to work overtime to keep the space cool.

All these minor energy-saving practices that are automatically performed by the home automation system can truly add up and save you thousands of dollars every year.

4. Aesthetics

A smart device with a touch screen just looks that much better on your wall in place of a traditional button.

You can even remove any kind of wall-mounted controls and have everything controlled through your phone or through the main home control center. Instead of traditional door locks, you can have facial recognition locks or keypad locks. Home automation systems are great for people desiring that minimalist, modern look.

5. Functionality

There are certain things that simply cannot be done manually.

For instance, the ease of being able to just talk to a device and ask it about the weather, ask it to turn on the TV to a specific channel, or have a system that is constantly monitoring how much electricity each device is consuming, is only possible with a home automation system.

Moreover, you can customize and build home automation to meet your specific needs such that the functionality you derive from these systems is endless. It’s all about what you want to do.

6. Value

If you are looking to increase the value of your property, then a home automation system will be a worthy investment.

Especially if you have a large, high-value home, adding a home automation system will help you get an even better price. Prospective buyers are typically looking to buy a property that is complete with everything that they need. If you already have a home automation system installed, you will be saving the new homeowner a lot of money and time. Naturally, this is going to be something they will be happy to pay a premium price for. Having a proper home automation system can even help you get a better price on insurance, tax, and even your mortgage. It helps to reduce the risk associated with the home. So you’ll be able to secure a better price from investors, lenders, and other stakeholders in the property.

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Right now home automation already offers a lot of features and functions. However, as IoT devices grow and the kinds of appliances that can integrate with these systems also increase, we can expect to see a lot more functionality in the near future. The home automation system is the brain of the system. The more devices integrated, and the smarter those devices are, the better they will serve you. It is a worthy investment that will only continue to provide increased value to your home.

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