Brian Gill -From IT startup to 50 employees

Interview with Brian Gill from Gillware Data Recovery Jeff from interviews data recovery industry legend Brian Gill, co-founder of Gillware Data Recovery. They are one of America’s leading professional hard drive data recovery companies. We also take a moment to interview Tyler Gill. We ask about his experience when he lost his hard drive…

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NAS Recovery and NAS Crash Prevention Tips from Gillware Data Recovery

For a small business owner or a small business IT technician, nothing is more headache- and panic-inducing than a NAS server crash. NAS recovery after such a crash has its own issues to avoid making things worse and making subsequent data recovery more difficult. Unintended formatting of a NAS drive is just one serious example…

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DPC watchdog violation

DPC Watchdog Violation Fix Steps

How to: DPC Watchdog Violation fix Windows 10, 8 You no doubt are searching for a DPC watchdog violation fix Windows 10 – or Windows 8 – and this error can be fixed with the steps below (shown with screenshots). This error (often) relates to device driver problems. It can be scary as it is…

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Guide to Show or Restore Recycle Bin Windows

Want to find, unhide, or restore the Recycle Bin in Windows 10 or 8? To restore the Recycle Bin in Windows 10 (and Windows 8) is easy if you follow the detailed steps in this guide. You likely need to recover your recycle bin due to one of two things. The recycle bin has disappeared…

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How to Fix Windows Surface Stuck in Airplane Mode

How to disable airplane mode in Windows 10 on a Microsoft Surface (and some other laptops) This is the fix for when you can’t turn off airplane mode in Windows 10 (for a number of laptops, including on a Microsoft Surface Pro) and you want to turn on the WiFi (including Surface Pro WiFi). The…

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Fix Windows Stuck in Airplane Mode in 60 seconds

Windows 10 Computer or Laptop stuck in airplane mode? Do this! This is the fix for your computer or laptop stuck in airplane mode in Windows 10 (or older Windows), and you want to turn on the WiFi. I’ve found it can be a problem with the computer, laptop or PC wireless controller rather than…

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