protect customer data using two factor verification

Protect Customer Data With These Tech Solutions

If you want to protect customer data, then you will need to have a data management plan that considers these parts of your business and these useful tech solutions. In this day and age, it’s no longer enough for companies to invest in tools and solutions that can help improve their products and services. It’s also no longer viable to only invest in security solutions that protect their assets as well.

For companies small to large, things have changed.

Investing in security solutions that protect their customer’s data is the best investment they can make. Some are free and some are paid, but all can be worth it!

Since the turn of the decade, countless small businesses and major corporations have suffered from the reeling effects of a data breach. These customer data incidents have cost trillions collectively and the number continues to rise annually. 

What this calls for, is better digital security practices. Even small businesses can be a target of hackers.

It’s imperative that ALL businesses take the right steps to protect their customer’s data.

If you are a business owner, then here are five tech security solutions that you might want to invest in. Read on.

AxCrypt – Encrypt Customer Data

When it comes to online attacks, one practice that can make it harder for hackers to make value out of your data is by encrypting it. Simply put, encrypting data means turning it into a code. Instead of seeing your data as is, hackers are going to see it as jumbled-up characters that will be of no value to them.

Encrypting data is usually work that’s best left in the hands of professionals. However, AxCrypt makes encrypting easier even for those that aren’t savvy with coding.

Even if hackers get through your system, they won’t be able to see your customer’s data easily.

Cybersecurity can be more robust using data encryption.

Messente – Internet independent Customer Data Protection

Instant messaging through apps like Facebook Messenger and Instagram have become a common means to interact with others globally. However, text messages are still a viable option simply because they don’t run through the internet. This also means that the medium is safe from remote hackers and data breaches as well.


That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the steps to protect this aspect though. If you want your customers to verify their orders or accounts safely, then you might want to invest in Messente – a text messaging app. This app allows you to reach out to people worldwide as well. The solution can be used as a 2FA tool (two factor identification) if your customers need to verify their accounts or orders online. Since it’s not run through the internet, it adds an impenetrable layer of protection between your customers and the hackers that want to get their data. 

Don’t worry about text messaging being obsolete as that won’t be happening anytime soon.

If anything, use for 2FA is one strong reason why phone system text messaging is here to stay.


protect customer data using two factor verification

Protect customer data (such as during login) using the customer’s phone for 2-factor verification. The primary method may be passwords. Only to your customer should know theirs. The second method can be by codes you send by text to their phone. Passwords might be guessed or stolen by data fishing. Hackers are unlikely to get access to a client’s phone messages, making it a popular modern security solution.

Random.Org – For Robust Passwords

Passwords are still usually your line of defense against hackers. If you want to protect your company’s network, then your employees must create a password that’s nearly impossible to guess.

The problem is that it can be tough to generate a password that’s more than enough to protect data.

Random.Org helps your employees generate a strong password randomly. It creates the password composed of alphanumeric characters, symbols, and both lower and upper case letters.There are options that allow you to tailor it.

By giving your employees access to these tools, you can guarantee that hackers can’t touch their work-exclusive accounts (that contain customer data) in any way.

Secure customer data management includes securing employee access. Good passwords make a surprisingly big difference.

Cloudflare – CDN and Website Protection

If you are in IT then you likely already know about Cloudflare.

In anycase, if your business has a website, this can be an entry point for hacks and data breaches as well.

The good news is that protecting yourself isn’t always costly. There are some useful tools that you can use free of charge to help protect your customer’s data.

One free solution that we suggest that you get is Cloudflare.

It is a security tool that protects your website from various digital threats such as SQL injections and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks as well.

Cloudflare is a CDN (content delivery network). It’s a powerful free tool that can make your website a solid line of defence for your customer’s data.

As a bonus or as its primary purpose, it may also speed up your website’s appearance to your customers in numerous locations throughout the world.

LookOut Mobile Security

Your business should be accessible through mobile devices too.

Your employees and you yourself use smartphones at work regularly. So it’s a must that you invest in LookOut Mobile Security.

This is a tool that can add a strong layer of protection while you’re browsing the web through a mobile device.

It doesn’t take much for hackers to penetrate your network through work mobile devices and then get customer data.

As such, LookOut Mobile Security should serve as your business’s first line of defense when it comes to online attacks such as these.

Customer Data Management for Cybersecurity and Your Brand

Being mindful about the security aspect of customer data management can bring a lot of benefits to your brand. Most importantly, it establishes your business as being trustworthy and reliable when it comes to online security. See these articles for more business cybersecurity tips.

We’ve looked at five different aspects of business, identifying software that can help make each more secure. You should take these and as many more precautionary steps you may need to protect customer data, just as you would when protecting your own.

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