The Top File Hosting Services for 2022

It’s close to impossible to work or run a business without being tech-savvy these days. Understanding what needs to be done to make your job easier is the name of the game. File hosting services have made data access and storage easy in the digital age. Whether you’re looking to store family photographs or some confidential information, file hosting services always come in handy. In times before these services were invented, attaching files with emails was pretty common. 

This practice changed when Dropbox came into the market. It revolutionized file sharing over the web and made things much easier than they were before. In essence, sharing files over the internet is simple and safe with the help of these file hosting services. Nowadays, file sharing has come a long way and now Dropbox isn’t the only service provider. Several other file hosting services are available in the market with versatile features. In this article, we have a look at the top file hosting service for 2022.

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Mega is one of the safest file hosting services.

It has extraordinary features and works effectively. Its biggest advantage is the end-to-end encryption it offers. It primarily deals with security, and most people use it because it’s considered one of the most secure file-sharing platforms. This end-to-end encryption safeguards your data. Moreover, the best part about it is that this feature is available on their free account as well. However, it also has a few drawbacks. There aren’t many collaboration features and it does not support the high-tech block-level syncing. 


pCould is also one of the most renowned file-sharing platforms.

Even though it can be used to share any and all types of files, its specialty is managing media files. The best part about pCould is that it contains both audio and media players, which help you access and stream the shared audio or video of media files right on the pCould platform. Moreover, its audio player can also be used to create a playlist or manage one. One of its greatest benefits is the backup of data on social media accounts. This service can connect to an individual’s social accounts and back up the media present there into their pCould account. It’s an amazing service for social media enthusiasts and influencers.


1fichier is also pretty common amongst file-sharing services.

It has an immense advantage regarding storage. It offers unlimited storage, but be sure to know about its classification of hot and cold storage. The files present in your hot storage that aren’t downloaded by you in 2 months automatically move to the cold storage. The cold storage has a whopping 2 TB of storage. Once the cold storage is completely occupied, the system automatically deletes the old files to make room for the new ones. However, further cold storage can be acquired if needed. The free plan consists of 1 TB of storage and roughly all the good features. However, as is the case with any service, it has its downsides as well. It can’t be used for synching nor does it have its applications.


4shared is by far one of the most unique services because it offers numerous features.

It encourages users because they can use their content to collaborate. It offers a massive 100 GB of space alongside a bandwidth of 100 GB. Another advantage of this service is that it is supported by FTP connections. This helps users transfer various large files securely. It seems like the ideal app but make sure you are aware of the cons as well. For one, 4shared has a severely restricted free account which discourages users to opt for it and doesn’t provide any encryption.

Media Fire

Media fire is a relatively good service considering its price and bandwidth.

Due to its competitive price, it has a fair number of users. Moreover, it doesn’t have any bandwidth limit, which makes it an ideal choice for many. To upload files over any of these services, a file hosting API is used by users across the globe. It provides a great experience as it handles file uploads from your app and manages the file hosting service. There are plenty of API platforms and websites available across the web. 

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most popular file hosting services.

Storage really matters in a file hosting service, and Google Drive offers a fair 15 GB of free storage to use. If you are the kind of person who’s looking for a file hosting service for casual use, this might just be the thing for you. You don’t need to invest in it to get all the perks. You can be a free user and still get access to several apps such as Google docs and photos etc. This makes it an ideal choice for small businesses as well.

iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive is for apple users. It offers a fair 5 GB of free storage capacity.

This storage can be expanded to 50 GB or even 200 GB by investing in iCloud Drive. It works efficiently on Windows computers as well. The best part about it is the automatic syncing. Regarding security, it has two-factor authentication and offers automatic backups as well. However, some of its unique features are only limited to Apple users or devices.

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Now that you have this amazing list on hand, you are better equipped to get the job done flawlessly. File hosting services have taken the world by storm, and now there are plenty of services available across the world. Every service is unique and file hosting has been revolutionized over the years. They all have their own special features and certain drawbacks. Some of them have end-to-end extraction which safeguards your data while others lack it. Some file hosting services are much more affordable than others, and the total storage capacity also plays a vital role in selecting a service. While some are good for business and collaborations, others are good for casual use. A couple of these services offer an amazing free account that encourages users to try the service out before investing.

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