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It seems you have skills to help others with their IT problems.

It looks like you could earn more if you had YOUR OWN business.

It seems you want to start or grow your IT Services Business (but wanted to wait for the right time, or to be sure of exactly what to do).

Always it seems you can succeed faster and grow in confidence from someone guiding you, someone who has been there and done it before you.

It often looks like those that have confidence can succeed because it allows them to try.

It often appears you only need to know a little more than your client to help them and seem like a genius!

Why work for someone else and make them richer?!

It seems it is never the right time and yet with this course heavily discounted for the first and only time ever, now really is the best time.

This course was written by someone who has literally done it before. And trained many others before too.

For example, you can learn how you can confidently say 'yes' to client's work when you don't yet know how to serve their needs.

Sorry, but how can you benefit from all the experience that went into this course you if you don't sign up? You could loose thousands of dollars by never earning them in the first place!

So, let us tell you more about it:

The IT Services Business Blueprint will teach you everything you need to know about starting an IT Consulting business and building your very own successful IT Services business from the ground up.

Whether you want to start an IT side business or a full-time IT services business this one course covers it all!

You will gain access to our templates, forms, and agreements needed for your business. Essential for starting an IT consulting business quickly and easily.

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If you are thinking of starting a computer business, then you should use this course to learn complementary skills and knowledge.

This course provides awesome guidance for anyone wanting to learn how to start a business (of various types including computer repair from home and providing IT Services).

The best part is that you are following a successful online course that has been tried and tested for over FIVE YEARS helping IT Consultant business start ups.

You won't find this anywhere else.

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The IT Services Business Blueprint will show you

  • How to earn extra income or a full-time living from your own IT business.
  • How to build a client base quickly through multiple marketing methods.
  • How you can use an incentive to get your foot in the door with prospective clients right away.
  • How to compete with already established IT services businesses in your area.
  • How to price your computer products and newtork-IT services so you make a profit.
  • How to generate monthly recurring revenue. -This alone is worth thousands in your pocket!
  • How you can survive financially if starting a full-time business.
  • Set up your side business so you can transition into it full-time if you want.
  • How to start a computer repair business at home
Starting an IT Consulting Business with

Launch an IT services business completely from scratch.

Launching an IT services business can be a daunting task.

Stop wasting time trying to figure it all out on your own so you can focus on generating revenue instead.

Let me walk you through the step by step process of building an IT services business from the ground up.

My course will put you way ahead of where you would be if you tried to figure it all out on your own.

How to start a computer repair business at home
how to make money and start a computer repair business at home

Worried about money?

You don't have to quit your day job. Launch a side business to generate the extra income you've been needing.

Once your side business is established, you can always transition into it full-time if you want.

If you want to launch a full-time business, let me walk you through several ways you can manage financially while you launch your business. I will also show you how to keep your costs to a minimum so you can worry less about your bills and more about making a profit.

Don't go at this alone.

Launching an IT services business by yourself can be overwhelming.  Trust me, I've done it before.

With The IT Services Business Blueprint, you are provided helpful, relevant and directly applicable information throughout the entire course. You won't find this anywhere else.

I will also show you where you can get help from others including third party IT support companies you can use to resolve any issue, get help when you are stuck, monitor machines, or plan and implement a project. This can bring the confidence you need to make your start.

starting an it consulting business
how to start a computer repair business at home and stand out

Set yourself apart from your competitors.

Chances are there are already several established IT services businesses in your area that you will have to compete with.

Surprisingly this can be of help to you, but it also means you need a way to differentiate yourself from them, otherwise, you will be lost in the crowd.

Let me show you how to YOUR unique selling proposition so prospective clients know how you are better than the alternatives.

If launching a full-time business, you will also learn how to target vertical markets so you become known as the IT expert in certain industries.

Gain new clients quickly.

Getting new clients can be a slow and tedious process.

Let me show you several different marketing methods that you can use to gain new clients quickly. I will also teach you how to use a certain incentive to get your foot in the door even faster.

Information advice for starting an it consulting business
Templates for starting an it consulting business

Forms and Templates for your IT Business

Wouldn't it be nice to get your hands on some of the forms, templates, and agreements that are needed for your IT services business?

With The IT Services Business Blueprint, you get a client engagement form template, in-shop repair form template, flat rate pricing sheet (with prices -this could make you more money than the cost of the course in your first full week!), invoice template, managed services plan template, and even a copy of some interview questions to use when you hire your first employee.

If you are wondering how much should I charge for computer repair services, then here is your answer!

These could take you weeks to design on your own. And for some forms you just won't have the experience to do that anyhow. Some people have suggested I sell these forms on their own because they have been so useful and valuable. I've kept it so you get access when you sign up to the course.

The course templates save you weeks of time and effort, and it's done right, so it's incredible value.

Step By Step Training

The IT Services Business Blueprint is split up into easy to follow lessons that walk you through the step by step process of creating your IT services business.

  • 1

    Creating Your Business

    My course starts out by teaching you the basics of creating an IT services business from the ground up. I will help you figure out how to survive financially in the beginning (if your business is full-time) and how to develop a unique selling proposition so you stand out from your competitors.

  • I will also cover things like coming up with a solid name for your business, deciding where to locate your business or how to work from your home, forming your business legally, creating your logo, business cards, website and, ultimately, protecting your business from a legal standpoint.

  • 2

    Operating Your Business

    Next, I will teach you the basics of operating your IT services business. I will walk you through the process of invoicing and receiving payments, pricing your services, using IT business management software, handling your bookkeeping and accounting, and offering managed services and cloud solutions to your clients (full-time business blueprint).

  • I will also walk you through the process of setting up your business phone service (full-time business blueprint), running your business from the cloud so you can operate it from anywhere, deciding what vendors to use for reselling computers and parts, selecting the tools you will need, and where to get tech help when you are stuck.

  • 3

    Growing Your Business

    Finally, I will teach you the basics of growing your IT services business. I will walk you through the process of building your client base quickly and targeting vertical markets (full-time business blueprint) so you become known as an IT expert in certain industries.

  • I will walk you through developing a solid elevator pitch to get prospective clients' attention, networking with prospective clients, cold calling prospective clients, advertising, using direct mail, email, and free online directories, and marketing your business using proven IT services business marketing programs.

  • And last but not least, I will walk you through hiring employees when the time comes (full-time business blueprint) and developing good customer service habits to keep your clients happy.

Lesson List for Full-Time Business Blueprint
Starting an it consulting business - TheTechMentor Course contents
Lesson List for the Side Business Blueprint
how to start a computer repair business at home part time -thetechmentor course contents

Here's What You Get When You Join:

  • The IT Services Business Blueprint Course

    Instant access to The IT Services Business Blueprint course.

    NOTE: During the SMASHING discount period, all sign ups will receive access to all 12 weeks (29 lessons) of the course RIGHT AWAY – No waiting while we drip feed you content so you can skip to where you are in your start up process.

  • Forms, Templates, and Agreements

    IT services business forms, templates, and agreements to use with your business.

    This includes pricing information which answers some of the most common (and business essential) questions we have received over the years.

From others like you...

This course has pushed me further than I ever could have on my own. It is always intimidating when starting your business and Casey has taken out all the guesswork with this course. I fully recommend this course to anyone who is SERIOUS about opening and running their own IT Services Business.

Dane Elcock
Dane Elcock Total IT Services

The course was great, it really stopped me from making some costly mistakes during the formation of my business and saved me countless hours of searching on the internet for resources. I can't recommend it enough for aspiring business owners!

Vincent Prestia
Vincent Prestia Prestige Business and IT Consulting Services, L.L.C.

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