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What is the purpose of TheTechMentor.com?

TheTechMentor.com is here to help computer techs and network techs succeed in an ever changing industry. We also help computer techs launch and run their very own IT services businesses through our online training course.

We also provide information to give guidance to young people just starting out in their careers, when they want to know how to become a computer technician or network installation wizard.

TheTechMentor.com provides technical articles that we pride ourselves on being correct or at least as accurate as they can be (effectiveness can depend on individual's circumstances), for the use of computer techs, computer network analysts, IT Consultants, and VERY often the brave DIY general public.

Main Contributors to TheTechMentor.com:

There are many people who contribute in some way to TheTechMentor.com, but the main two are Casey (IT Business Consultant) and Jeff (Engineer). Our primary focus is toward in-depth (technical) computer repairs and network system fixes, and providing training material for people who want to earn some money on the side or start a full time IT services business. Outside of work we are both family men.

We have helped hundreds of thousands of people over the years. This site started out under different names (URLs) so many articles far 'out-age' the this particular domain, 'TheTechMentor.com'.

We still want them to be up to date and relevant, so if you see something that is not, please tell us in the comments.

We love comments! It serves as a reminder that we do HELP YOU (or someone like you; sorry if we didn't help you just yet!). Come back with another problem and we'll try again!

We love it if you want to add more ideas or links to relevant helpful topics or tools in the comments below our articles. Note these are moderated and don't fret if we don't approve it straight away.

Note: On articles that already have a large number of comments we might not allow more.

We have thousands of people on our mailing list, but we mostly leave them alone (which we do because we are too busy most of the time!).

Please do see the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy! Links to these are in the bottom menu. In a nutshell 'we' use cookies (by that I mean our advertisers do), have a few ads on our free-to-access pages, and also use some affiliate links (definitely not all links are affiliate; they aim to be helpful and useful, but if they are useful and to an online store they could be).

We love to keep the free-to-access parts of the site going and we don't accept donations so that is just how it works 'round here, okay?

How can TheTechMentor.com help me?

We offer lots of free resources and articles to help you solve computer and network problems and succeed as a computer tech, network technician, or DIYer.

Some popular ones are things like how to recover deleted files (that can help everyone!), lists of computer tools and network installation toolkits, just for example.

Getting people out of trouble is also a common theme with how to recover data from deleted/damage hard drives or to recover deleted notes on mobile smart-phones.

By the way, Casey Loves Macs and Jeff currently loves his Microsoft Surface Pro (but also loves his long line of iPhones!). We don't discriminate on tech. We think you should not either; it might help your computer service business if you can handle a wider range of systems. It has without doubt been an advantage to us and students to be able to offer support to Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac computer systems.

In addition, we offer free articles to help you launch and run an IT business as well as a free guide on How to Make Your First $1000 as an IT Consultant.

We also offer free, no strings attached, advice anytime via email, if we can at that point in time. You can contact us here.

Can you Help?

You may help us feel good by letting us know in the comments if an article helped you. We really do like this!

You can help us and others by sharing to them anything you found interesting good or helpful on our website.

You can help us and others if you place a relevant link to our website on your (or others') websites (eg. forums) if you similarly found it useful, good or helpful. If you want these to be no-follow links that is up to you. If it forms a noteworthy reference or uses something on this site that states it is required please provide a follow link.

You can help others by adding relevant helpful comments. Do not make 'spammy' comments as we take the time to review and moderate all comments. Phew, this website is a LOT OF WORK! 🙂

So where should I begin?

If you are wanting to learn more about becoming a computer tech, learn to build computer networks, retrieve lost data or whatever, head over to our home page (click the logo) and our blog and check out our content.

On the right hand side of most articles you can find links to our most recent articles, our most popular articles, and further below that a search bar. You should be able to find it with the right search term!

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