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4 Ways to Recover Permanently Deleted Files (for Free!)

Yes You Can Recover Permanently Deleted Files Without Paying a Pro! If you’re wondering how you can recover permanently deleted files, and you’re not a computer tech then there may be a part of you that thinks it’s impossible. However depending on what has transpired with your computer it’s worth a shot, and with this…

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force touch iphone 6s tips to delete right

Forward Delete on iPhone with 3D Touch Keyboard Tricks

Yes you can forward delete on an iPhone keyboard with 3D Touch, plus more keyboard tricks! While it is surprising and contrary to Apple’s own advice, yes you can forward delete using your iOS keyboard. This is one of several tricks you can do when using 3D touch on an iPhone keyboard. You can also select…

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All about Live Photos on iPhones (with Bonus)

All about Live Photo iPhone 6, 7 and 8 (with bonus tip) Everything about Live Photos on iPhone 6 (the iPhone’s moving photos) and later iPhones. Live Photos are eye catching! We cover questions like ‘what are Live Photos?’, ‘what is the type of Live Photo iPhone 6’s can take?’ and show how to turn…

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How to Recover Deleted Files Windows 10 (for Free baby!)

This is How to Recover Deleted Files -Windows 10 -free and quickly In this article we show step by step how to recover deleted files Windows 10 free and in a straight forward way. We show multiple methods ranging from the simplest case of how to recover normally deleted files (from the Recycle Bin), and…

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Enjoy Our 10 Best Black Friday Deals

You must be searching for the 10 Best Black Friday Deals and Here They Are! We’ve scoured multiple websites to find for you the 10 best black Friday deals, from XBox games to robotic servants to hp computers. Of course these are only available at the end of November. Typically a very limited time. Whether…

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How to Backup Your Computer

Follow these Tips to Learn how to Backup Your Computer If you’ve ever deleted or lost files you are probably motivated to learn how to backup your computer because it can be difficult to get your files or data back. If you are lucky enough to have not lost files and want to know pro-actively…

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The Best Computer Network Installation Tool Kits

Hand picked Network Installation tool kits for Computer Network Technicians Reviewed. In this article we list and review computer network installation tool kits ranging from kits that include your crimping and termination tools through to LAN cable testers (from your basic Cat5 and Cat 5e cable testers through to Cat6 cable testers), and of course…

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Quick Fix for when your Surface won’t turn on

What to do when your Microsoft Surface won’t turn on When your Surface won’t turn on, it is likely to be power problems. It’s happened several times that my wife’s or my Surface won’t turn on. I know from experience that when it first happens the feeling one has is FEAR! Fear that something is seriously…

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