The Roadmap to Launching Your IT Career: Key Insights

As technology continues to evolve and impact our daily lives, it’s no surprise that the demand for IT professionals is on the rise. From software developers to network engineers, there are countless opportunities for those looking to launch a career in the IT industry. But with so many options and constant advancements, it can feel…

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ps4 ethernet cable

Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming (incl. LAN Cable PS4 Xbox & PC)

These are the Best Ethernet Cables for Gaming (including the best LAN Cable -PS4 -Xbox & PC) Yes you can use Cat 7 for PS3, PS4 or other gaming. In fact in most cases you should! This article will help you choose the best Ethernet cable for PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and computer…

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cat5 verses cat6 ethernet cable iec

Clarify and select Cat5 vs Cat6 Ethernet cables

Clarify and select Cat5 vs Cat6 Ethernet Cables (including 5e and 6A enhancements) We look at Cat5 verses Cat6 cables’ speed, price and selection. You likely want to know what the difference between Cat5 and Cat6 cable is. I simplify the jargon and clarify the differences in this article. A key difference in these two…

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rj-45 pinout wiring

Easy RJ45 Wiring (with RJ45 pinout diagram, steps and video)

RJ45 Pinout Diagrams, the Tools You Need and more! Making RJ45 wiring easy when you have the right RJ45 pinout diagram. Several variations are shown below. I carry Ethernet cable with me all the time so you know it will be useful. To help you memorize it, I created an easy poem so you will…

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The Best Computer Network Installation Tool Kits

Hand picked Network Installation tool kits for Computer Network Technicians Reviewed. Here we list, review and advise our pick of the best computer network installation tool kit, ranging from sets that include your crimping and termination tools through to LAN cable testers (from your basic Cat5 and Cat 5e cable testers through to Cat6 cable…

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How to Compare your ISP’s DNS Servers with Others

I was recently faced with a situation where the response time of an ISP’s DNS servers on a network I was supporting seemed to be slower than they should have been.  Fortunately, there is a great tool available that I was able to use to test these DNS servers against the response time of public…

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How to Scan a Network For Port Vulnerabilities

Have you ever wondered how secure a network that you set up actually is? Today I would like to share a tool with you that will allow you to easily scan a network for external port vulnerabilities. This tool is called ShieldsUp! and is web based which allows your scan to take place outside of…

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Create a Batch File to Refresh Network Settings

Program IconIf you are an emerging computer tech and you haven’t already become accustom to using the ipconfig command, you soon will.  This command is most commonly used at the DOS prompt to see a computer’s current IP configuration.  Using this command with three different switches also allows you to refresh a computer’s network settings which can be very useful when troubleshooting network issues.  In the following tutorial, I would like to show you how you can create a batch file that will run this command along with its switches to quickly refresh a computer’s network settings.

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