Time Wasters

Kill Your Time Wasters and Start an IT Business Today

Starting an IT business takes both time and dedication.  However, instead of taking the time to sit down and work on your IT business, maybe you are constantly distracted by other things that really aren’t that important.  If this sounds like you then I’m here to help.  I want to show you how to remove distractions…

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Why You Should Support Macs With Your IT Business

If you have an IT services business or are in the process of starting one, I highly recommend offering Mac support.  Despite the fall of PC sales in the recent years, Apple’s Mac computer sales have continued to remain strong.  And, as a result, Macs continue to show up in more home and business environments.  …

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What You Should Know About Becoming an IT Consultant

Starting an IT consulting business can be a very rewarding experience.  You get to be your own boss, set your own schedule, build a profitable company and make money doing what you love. But even though this all sounds nice, you may be wondering how do you get to this point?  How do you actually…

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Server Drives

How to Protect Your Clients’ Data and Make Money Doing it

As you may have seen by now, Cryptolocker has infected around 250,000 PCs so far and is still going strong.  If you aren’t familiar with Cryptolocker, it’s a business owner’s worst nightmare.  Once installed, Cryptolocker will encrypt files on the machine it is installed on as well as all network drives that machine is connected…

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