3 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A GPS Tracker

Are you wondering why you should invest in a vehicle GPS tracker?

I previously worked on a site where the terrain could be difficult.

It could be dangerous, so there was a major effort put into journey management. A GPS tracker was part of that safety management system. Why else might you invest in such a system?

When Christopher Columbus sailed from Spain to find the New World, he had to make advanced calculations based on the position of the stars to get there.

Should you need to make this (in your work vehicle? LOL) or any trip, you won’t have to. You have GPS. 

GPS, or Global Positioning System, uses satellite technology and good old-fashioned mathematics to triangulate anybody’s, or anything’s location on the planet. Some are so accurate, they can pinpoint within feet a sought after location

You can make use of this powerful technology in your everyday life or business. You may think only the government or big companies have used this technology, but you’ll be wrong.

Here are 3 reasons good why you should invest in a GPS tracker for your car or vehicle fleet.

vehicle GPS tracker

A vehicle GPS tracker can discourage or prevent theft!

1. Prevents theft

Many people consider their personal vehicle to be a considerable investment.

This is multiplied if you own a fleet of vehicles for your business. To have a car stolen is a loss of time, money, and peace of mind.

Installing a vehicle GPS tracker on your car fleet or other work vehicles will reduce this risk significantly. For one thing, with a GPS tracker, you will always know where your car is.

A GPS tracker will live stream information to you about the car’s position, so you always have a location in real-time.

You can notify the police in the event of any activity you deem suspicious. If there is disciplinary action against an employee, you have an evidence trail that company property was being misused. 

While you want to trust your workers, you must also be prepared for the possibility that they may be using your vehicle for their private work, engaging in an activity you didn’t sanction, or doing something outright illegal.

Your company vehicle is probably branded with your logo as well as contact. What could such activity do to your company’s reputation?

Most importantly, a GPS tracker represents an affordable anti-theft option when compared to alternatives.

It certainly is less expensive than having to replace a lost or stolen vehicle.

2. A GPS Keeps track of the vehicle’s vitals

Location isn’t the only thing a GPS tracker keeps tabs on. Several models monitor other statistics as well.

First of all, learning about the different types of trackers is easy. You can consult sites like https://satxtechnologies.com/ to find out more.

Secondly, after a bit of reading up, you’ll realize that trackers can also record: 

  • speed
  • gas consumption
  • the direction the car is heading in
  • whether the vehicle is idling
  • Hours of usage
  • Date of usage
  • the terrain the vehicle is driving in
  • hard breaking

If your business has a fleet of vehicles, this is important information to know. Improper use of your company vehicles may not only result in reputational damage, you may be piling up cost as well and not even understanding why.

Employees who misuse your equipment may be costing you thousands more per year in fuel and repair fees. While you think they are on the job, they are using the gas that your company pays for to do their own private work. The extra wear and tear on vehicles you think is caused by your own business activity, may be caused by the extra rums your vehicles are making.

Having GPS trackers will significantly decrease the chances of this happening. You can also:

  • increase productivity
  • improve driving
  • improve response time

This is because employees know their behavior on the road is being monitored. You can settle customer complaints with evidence because you can prove that your workers were on site doing the job. If you are the parent of a teenager, you can keep an eye on their driving habits and the locations they visit for their own safety and to reduce the risk of them having an accident.

A vehicle GPS tracker and display

A vehicle GPS tracker can improve security and safety.

3. Create an extra layer of Security

Another feature of GPS tracking is that many models have a feature that can call for help in the event that an employee is in an accident or injured.

This is especially important in a case where the employee might be injured so badly, they could not do this for themselves.

Other models will warn of collision hazards ahead in the roadway.

Others will monitor the driver’s voice activity. If there is danger, for example, a robbery, the GPS tracker can alert headquarters and/or any nearby authorities.

These are especially useful features if your business engages in the transport of valuable items, or works in rough terrain. Your employees can drive out, confident that their safety and security are being taken care of.

At TheTechMentor.com, we are concerned with all types of security and help you grow your IT Business, which is why we first became interested in vehicle GPS trackers.

Vehicle GPS Tracker for Safety

I previously worked on a site where the terrain could be difficult.

It could be dangerous, so there was a major effort put into journey management. A GPS tracker was part of that safety management system.

We had a GPS tracking device in each vehicle. If someone didn’t check in within half an hour of expected arrival, actions would be taken to assure your safety. One of those would be that the vehicle GPS tracker would be used to identify your vehicle location.

It could save a life. Now there is one very good reason why you should invest in a vehicle GPS tracker for your fleet!

Reading everything above, you need to ask yourself, can I really do without GPS trackers? The answer may have the potential to save you much time and money.

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