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Forward Delete on iPhone with 3D Touch Keyboard Tricks

Yes you can forward delete on an iPhone keyboard with 3D Touch, plus more keyboard tricks!

While it is surprising and contrary to Apple’s own advice, yes you can forward delete using your iOS keyboard. This is one of several tricks you can do when using 3D touch on an iPhone keyboard. You can also select a whole word or even select a block of text of many words using only the keyboard. It’s another way to make it easier to reach and select text on on any iPhone Plus model, even with the shortest of thumbs! Here’s how.


Perhaps the lack of a forward delete key is not a big deal any more as most people who have been using an iPhone for a while have become accustomed to that fact that there is not a forward delete key (ie. delete to the right key) on the keyboard on all iPhones. When new iPhone users (and long term users will remember when they) first wrote a note on the touch screen keyboard. It is great but despite all the searching in the world you cannot find a right delete key.

Many note apps came out where you could tap and hold to bring up another delete to the right option. Alternatively, they just added a right delete key. Now there is no need and you can delete right using the standard keyboard.

NOTE: There is an Accessibility function called ‘Reachability’. This is another way to reach to select text on the large screens of iPhone Plus size models (like iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 8 Plus, but also on normal models) which brings the text half way down the screen within reach when you double tap the home button.

This force-touch method (explained below) to move the cursor or select text anywhere on the screen is my new preference though.

The problem suffered by new iPhone users – no right delete key

So often you tap on the screen to put the cursor where you want to edit, only to find that you have put the cursor to the left of where you want to delete. Your text is small enough that it seems a very fine line to one side or the other of the point you want to select. This is especially with big fingers or when you are not yet used to your iPhone.

3d touch iphone to right delete

No delete right key…

So continuing my scenario: then you tap again, and the cursor still doesn’t go to the right place – maybe it even goes to the wrong line! Maybe you tap and hold to try the magnifying glass, and yes if you can see well, eventually you move the cursor. Or maybe in desperation you double tap to select the whole word and tap delete, but then you need to retype the whole word.

Well if this ever happens to you, you will love this method to delete to the right with the keyboard using 3D Touch.

By using it you can now forward delete on an iPhone without the frustration of tapping again on the text you want to edit to try to move the cursor one little character across! (And some other nice things too.)

I realized that by using 3D Touch you can now forward delete on an iPhone by using a push touch on the keyboard which gives you a cool little way to move the cursor using the onscreen keyboard only. It easier than the problem some people suffer that I described above.

Where is the forward delete on an iPhone keypad?

This is something that all users new to iPhone iOS want but cannot find because you do not get it on the standard keyboard. There is no right delete key, but there is a way to do it with more ease than ever! It uses only the keyboard.

Maybe I am getting ahead of myself. First I should explain what it is!

What is 3D Touch?

Now iPhone owners have a new way to interact with their iPhones, by which you touch and press down more firmly on the screen. You don’t just set a touch position by x- and y- coordinates on the screen, you press heavier as well to identify a different desired action. It is also called force touch, push touch, or press touch.

It is because of this that things now get interesting!

(In terms of right delete and other keyboard tricks anyway.)

How does 3D touch work?

It takes advantage of the pressure sensitive touch screen installed within your iPhone. It is not a tap and hold, which calls up other functionality (and has been around for longer).

What does 3D touch do?

Many things. When you use 3D touch on the keyboard, it opens up some easier functionality.

(That is especially for those of us with fat fingers! ). This push touch allows you to move the cursor like a trackball or track pad.

You can position the cursor exactly where you want while your view is completely unobstructed by your finger (or thumb), because you finger is over the keyboard.

Which iPhone will it work on?

Anything since the iPhone 6, that is:

  • iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and
  • iPhone X

Sorry this means you can not use it on iPhone 4, 4s and iPhone 5.

How to use 3D Touch on an iPhone

You press harder than normal on a useful area of your screen. You must press hard enough for your screen pressure sensitivity to recognise it as a force touch.

We’ll show you in more detail using the method to right delete using only the iPhone keyboard, which follows.

Right Delete on your iPhone using only the keyboard

Try it yourself: Open a note in your iOS device. Write a little text to allow you to test how it works. Anything will do.

Tap in the middle somewhere and let’s say you want to delete to the right of that point, without tapping again to try to select one little character over to the right.

Consider in the screen copy below of my iPhone 7 Plus, I wanted to edit apple and replace it with Apple. Rather I wanted to delete the ‘a’ and replace it with a capital letter ‘A’. I tapped and it was actually to the left of the small ‘a’. I didn’t have to try to tap slightly more to the right, oh no.

3d touch iphone 7

Now my cursor is left of what I want to delete. I can easily use the keyboard only to delete right. It would otherwise be a little harder on my iPhone 7 Plus. (Curse these short thumbs!)

Now Press and press harder than usual on the keyboard. This starts 3D touch.

3D Touch iPhone 7

NOTE: If you have haptics turned on (available from iPhone 7 onwards) then you will feel a tap-back from your phone (it is feedback you have force touched your phone).

3D Touch iPhone 6, 6s and 6 Plus

I guess iPhone 6 3D touch doesn’t provide this mechanical feedback.

You can press-touch anywhere on the keyboard in this step.

Now you see (as per the screen copy below) the keyboard is faded and as you hold your finger on the keyboard, slide it left to right, or up and down.

3d touch iphone forward delete

3D Touch on my iPhone 7 Plus part 1

It works like a track pad – you can more easily move the cursor using the keyboard close to the bottom of the screen.

Watch the yellow cursor that appears – as you slide your finger the cursor moves. No big fat finger in the way, no too fine touch required. If you slide too far just continue to hold and slide your finger to adjust the cursor position.

Just makes it so easy!

So now you slide the cursor to the right by gliding your finger to the right over the faded keyboard, and then you hit the delete key. DONE!

3D Touch iPhone 7 step 2

Finish this keyboard-only forward delete manoeuvre by tapping the delete key.

You might also realize that you do not even need to be near the character you want to delete using this method. You don’t even need to be on the same line of text to initiate it!

Other iPhone Keyboard Tricks with 3D Touch

What else can you do with it on your keyboard?

Select a whole word

Another easy thing to do is to select a whole word. Normally you would reach up and tap twice on the word, and for larger words you can normally select it first go. Not always if you have a small word and big fingers!

Push touch as before, but now slightly release pressure as you maintain or glide your finger.

Position the yellow cursor where you want to select the word.

Without lifting your finger press harder again. You will see word is selected!

Select a block of text

You can use this to select a larger block of text than a single word.

As before press-touch, but now slightly release pressure as you glide your finger.

Position the yellow cursor from where you want to select the word.

Without lifting your finger, press harder again. Continue to slide your finger on the keyboard-track-pad. You will see multiple words are selected and highlighted in yellow, from the word you started with to where you dragged the cursor!

3d touch iphone 7 text select

Force touch the iPhone keyboard lighten and re-force-touch to select a word and slide to select a block of text. Note the cursor part way through the word which is entirely selected.

There you have done it! Another efficiency tip with help from TheTechMentor.

We have other useful tips like how to recover your deleted iPhone notes (for free) that might interest you.

Also relatively new to iPhones are Live Photos. If you want to know more, you can read all about Live Photo tips here.

There are a host of other ways you can use 3D touch on iPhone 6s and more recent iPhones. Typically other uses are for accessing action shortcuts. The above methods apply to the keyboard to make life easier. Have a play around with it and in no time it will become easy to use. I hope it becomes your favourite way to select text higher up on the screen. It creates the new forward delete iPhone keyboard capability!


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