Where to Get System Recovery Discs for All Major PC Manufacturers

Most people seem to lose, throw away, or never create their recovery cds when they get a new computer.  So when Windows crashes, it can be very frustrating trying to track down a replacement.  This can be even more frustrating when the person needs the machine back up and running ASAP.  Since finding them can be difficult at times, I would like to share with you some of the resources that I use when in pursuit of the infamous system recovery disc.



BitTorrent has been by far the fastest and easiest way that I have been able to find manufacturer and model specific recovery discs.  I usually use a torrent search site like The Pirate Bay, isoHunt, or Torrentz and search for the spicific recovery disc such as “Dell Windows 7 Professional”.  A potential downside to using BitTorrent is that you run the risk of downloading something infected with Malware but I have never had that issue.  Just look at the comments associated with your torrent to make sure it’s clean.


Directly From the Manufacturer

The safest option is to order directly from the manufacturer.  Unfortunately, none of them seem to offer the ability to download the recovery discs immediately and they all cost money except for Dell.

HP Recovery Discs

Dell Recovery Discs

Lenovo Recovery Discs

Sony Recovery Discs

Acer Recovery Discs

Asus Recovery Discs – Select the system under “Categories” and look for Recovery Software.

Toshiba Recovery Discs [Sorry, the link is currently removed due to HTTPS issues on cut over to our secure site, link was to https://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/support/jsp/serviceUnitVerification.jsp -Ed]

Gateway Recovery Discs


Third Party Sites

If you can’t find them through BitTorrent or directly from the manufacturer, there are some sites that specialize in selling recovery discs.  I’ve personally never used any of these so I can’t comment their service but they have a huge selection and in some cases they may be cheaper than using the manufacturer.

Restore Disks

MyRecoveryCDs.com [Update – Sorry this site is inactive now – Ed.]

Restore Discs Planet [Update – Sorry this site too has gone by the way side – Ed.]


Other Sites


  • Amazon can also be a good place to locate a needed system recovery disc.  I have successfully ordered a few from here when they weren’t available elsewhere.

Google Shopping

  • Less reliable than the rest, Google Shopping is still another place to find a needed recovery disc.  I would highly recommend looking at the seller’s ratings before ordering.


  • And last but not least is eBay.  With much luck, you may be able to find someone selling the exact recovery disc you need.


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