Desktop Wallpaper for Techs

Being a tech for almost ten years I have been asked many times about the best places to get wallpaper images from. So for my first post I decided to put together a list of my favorite wallpaper sites for techies. Here they are in no particular order.

WallpaperStock (Computer Category Sorted By Top Votes)

MyDeskCity (Windows Category)

MyDeskCity (Apple Category)

GNOME-Look (Linux Wallpaper)

KDE-Look (Linux Wallpaper)

3Couleurs (Firefox Wallpaper)


Vladstudio (Dual-Monitor Category)

Digital Blasphemy

Pixelgirl Presents (Tech Category)

InterfaceLIFT (Great All Around Hi-Res Wallpaper Site)

Hubble Space Telescope Wallpaper

If you have some favorites please feel free to post them.


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