How to Fix a Stuck or Dead Pixel

Stuck pixels usually show up as small red, blue, or green dots on your LCD monitor and can be very annoying. The good news is that they can be fixed. In this article, I will give you instructions on how to get rid of them yourself without having to send your monitor off to a repair shop.

Since fixing a stuck or dead pixel with software is the safest solution, I recommend trying this first.

Step 1: Go to [Please copy and paste this url in your browser as the link has been removed relating to secure site change over -Ed.]

Step 2: Click the “Launch JScreenFix” at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Move the JScreenFix window over the dead pixel and let it run.

Step 4: If the pixel has not been fixed in 20 minutes, then JScreenFix is probably not going to fix it.

If JScreenFix does not fix your stuck or dead pixel, then not all hope is lost. There is another method for fixing them that doesn’t involve software. With this method, there is the potential to cause more damage so you must be very careful.

Step 1: Tun off your computer monitor.

Step 2: Take a wash cloth and wrap it around a pencil or pen with a dull point.

Step 3: Apply pressure to the area with the stuck or dead pixel. Don’t press to hard or you could damage your screen further.

Step 4: While applying pressure, turn the monitor back on.

Step 5: Check to see if the pixel has been fixed.

None of these methods are guaranteed to work. If you know of another successful method for fixing stuck or dead pixels, please feel free to share.

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  • Bhasker Raj

    Reply Reply August 16, 2016

    Your guide for recovering data from hard disc is very helpful.
    I was using Sagate Freeagent 1Terabyte hdd for storing important files and data.
    Since past two days, the hdd is not recognized by the system OS windows 7 professional.
    The external light on the hdd is blinking.
    Could this mean the hdd has failed?
    How to sove this problem?
    A. S. Bhasker Raj

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