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You must be searching for the 10 Best Black Friday Deals and Here They Are!

We’ve scoured multiple websites to find for you the 10 best black Friday deals, from XBox games to robotic servants to hp computers. Of course these are only available at the end of November. Typically a very limited time. Whether they are available for one week as some offer holiday deals for a whole week, or only on Friday, review our selection of the best deals. You will not be disappointed!

We researched not only for Black Friday deals but we filtered for deals that could make your life better in some way. Please read on.

If you are looking for Tech deals at any time of year, be sure to read (and maybe bookmark) our Tech Bargains list of the best websites for finding Tech deals. See our article 10 best bargain hunting sites finding Tech Deals.

We Choose 10 Great Tech Black Friday Deals

We look specifically for tech deals on Black Friday, as we at TheTechMentor.com are always interested in helping computer techs and we love anything in tech and gadgets.

1. Tech Devices at Amazon

Amazon now have a range of tech devices and their Black Friday Deals are a great way to buy those tech devices and gadgets for which you have been waiting for a sale. These will be hard to beat at 20 to 50 percent off at the time of our review. Click through to see what they are at now. Make sure you buy them today while the prices are HOT and stock is available.

We Love these Specific items:

  • FEEL GOOD – Use Tech to Set the Mood!

Music and lighting sets the mood with your control with this one! Philips Hue 2-Pack Premium Smart Light Starter Kit (we think these make a great combination). Two wonderfully smart and simple tech devices. We have loved these Philips lighting smart devices since they started to become available.

Not many people have them yet but they sure make an impression! Set the lighting to ‘after sunset’ with deep hues of red and get back your Mojo!

Philips Hue starter kit

These sure make an impression! Set the lighting to ‘after sunset’ with deep hues of red and get back your Mojo!

It is a great way to start your ‘smart home’. You will be connected like this one day, why not be ahead of your friends now?

  • TRAVEL EASY – Read ebooks the way they were meant to be

Make you daily commute pass fast and more interesting. Make (or rather read) history while waiting to pick up the kids, or whatever you can think of to make use of your leisure time. This is a special selection with the supremely white (we believe much more beautiful) Kindle version, with the leather cover. The very long life between recharges can make these seem a better purpose built device than your phone or tablet (no matter how good they are, iPhone or Surface – we know as we have them too).
10 Best Black Friday Deals for a good read
Do not worry about having to loan your iPad or other tablet to the kids when you want to catch on some reading while they are quiet!

  • FIND PEACE – Find some quiet time of your own

Get your kids these tablets so you can find some peace and quiet of your own these holidays. Perhaps a Kindle or reading in general is not your ‘bag’. That is fine.

It does not stop you enjoying some quality adult time of your choosing (mood lighting aside). To do so, make sure you buy these Kids’ Fire Tablets while the black Friday Deals are on. You can save $90 (at the time of writing).
10 Best Black Friday Deals for kids
Oh, if you only want a single Kids Fire Tablet, clicker here for the blue one (these would be for the girls, no?) and here for the one with the pink cover (yep, you guessed it, for the boys). You will still save $40 (again that is what we found at the time of researching our best Black Friday Deals). You should be able to find some way to make them do their homework on them!

  • BREATH EASIER – take a breather by letting this little robot pick up the dust for you

In a world not too far away, robots will replace all work we do. This is one task I am happy to outsource to our robotic friends. Now. You may like to too! Vacuum dust while you are not at home. Give the cat something to ride on. The possibilities are endless.

Save a whopping 28% – more than $100, on this iRobot vacuum deal ‘pill’! As far as we know this is just a Black Friday Deal, so it probably wont last!
10 Best Black Friday Deals for vacuum cleaners

  • YOU CHOOSE – The device of your Choosing is among these deals

There are no doubt many other things you might like from the Black Friday Deals, from the Amazon Devices on sale. If you want to see them all, click through here to see many more awesome savings.

  • LIVE YOUR LIFE – Or the life of others through Gaming

We really like this wireless gaming mouse. We’ve had our eye on one for a while and now we see they are 48% off!

10 Best Black Friday Deals for gamers - xbox black friday deals

This is one awesome looking wireless mouse. Use it at work to startle your colleagues!

No doubt this mouse is intended to hear battle-cries rather than budget-related crying. How you actually use it is of course entirely up to you. We think this discount won’t hurt your budget.


Speaking of Gaming, right now you can get one of the Microsoft XBox Black Friday deals (XBox One) new release games at $20 off (we figure that 33% saving will more than pay for the new wireless gaming mouse above!).

10 Best xbox black friday deals

Keep your eye out for other XBox One Games on sale

This is it right here: Call of Duty: WWII Standard Edition. Live your life vicariously through the lives of others… Battle it out, safely.

  • SAVE BIG – We did mention up to 50% off

Yes we did mention 50% off. So what tech deal gets you that saving?

Right now there is 50% off for a limited time on the Amazon Dash buttons. If this is all you want for now, why not sign up to Amazon Prime while there. If you do you could save on delivery, or get accelerated delivery, maybe on these or possibly on other items you buy later.

Dash buttons, read all about it!

Are you still wondering what the Dash buttons are for? Wondering how dash buttons are used? If you get the Amazon App, you can configure the App to automatically buy more of your selected or defined item from Amazon store just by clicking the button. So we advise only get this one if you already have the App or intend to set it up.

Imagine your button at the back of the cupboard where you store your beloved item (in the above image our example is RedBull). When you put he last few cans in the refridgerator, click the button to know you have your (predefined) refill order on the way.

Just imagine what you can set up! Right now you are probably thinking that will make life easier!

Now you really know what that one click purchase Patent was really all about!

2. Walmart Black Friday Deals

Despite their link (URL) being related to Christmas rather than specifically Black Friday Deals, these deals are available now via their Black Friday holiday specials link on their home page. I guess the link relates the Black Friday holidays with other shopping holidays. We don’t mind! Here is their Black Friday Deals page.

Save $200 off (at the time of writing) on this awesome Samsung TV at Walmart for their Black Friday Deals.

3. Did Somebody Say Computers?

We love computers. After all, we are computer technicians and engineers. We prefer to build them but we know that not everybody does.

PC Richard and Sons always has a great range of computers for sale. Their prices are often competitive everyday, and they have to be considered on Black Friday for computer and PC Deals.

We techs have certain opinions about all one one computers. Harder to open up and modify than your regular computer. But it is a comment trend now and it can be a way to get a good package if you do not want to build your own computer. You can really buy some beautiful packaged computers this way. Just check out the i7 computer below.

HP Intel i3 All in One Touch Screen Desktop Computer

This HP all in one saves you for Intel i3 computing power. Advantages are a DVD writer (I’m not sure you’ll see too many of these in PCs any more despite still being handy for some of us!) and pretty much every connection you could want in the back behind the screen (Network, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0). It also has the headphone jack there, which is okay depending on your headphone cable length.

Save a quick 50 bucks. These i3 models are the cheapest of the range but really do have enough computing power for family use.

HP Intel i5 All in One Computer

This HP Pavilion 27 inch all in one saves you $85. Not bad if you are already in the market for one. This one also has a DVD writer.

HP Intel i7 All in One Computer – Our Favourite!

This HP Ultra wide Screen computer is a beauty. Check it out for yourself. Handy to impress and make others jealous! You can save $150 dollars right now (at the time of writing). Of the three hp Black Friday deals listed here, this is the stand out favourite.

It has all the connections in the base rather than behind the screen. We prefer this for ease of use. There are 4 USB 3.0 ports. More than you probably need – and if not, it should be enough. The base also performs wireless charging. Cool!

Summary of the 10 Best Black Friday Deals

We’ve selected quite a few of the Amazon Device Deals, some Deals from Walmart and finally, Some hp Black Friday deals at R.C. Richard and Son. We did notice there were a little more than 10 in there. But when we checked out those HP computers we thought it ideal to show you a deal for each Intel model. Did you find better deals anywhere else? Be sure to include the link for others to see. All comments about Black Friday Deals you know about are welcome!

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