Crashed Hard Drive Opened for Recovery

How to Recover Data from a Crashed Hard Drive (Any Hard Drive)

The complete guide to hard drive recovery.  Successful hard drive recovery is important to everyone, because you have important and potentially irreplaceable data and files.  Whether the data has been lost due to a hard disk drive crash, or the computer has stopped working for some other reason, this article shows you how to safely…

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Free Computer Repair Flowcharts

Morris Rosenthal has written a book that includes 17 flowcharts to help walk you through the process of troubleshooting computer related hardware issues.  He is offering eight of these flowcharts for free on the Foner Books website including a boot failure troubleshooting poster.  Whether you are training new techs or are a new tech yourself…

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How to Check the Speed of a USB Flash Drive

Quick and Useful Tools to test USB drive speed Many people don’t realize that all USB flash drives are not created equal.  Depending on the type of memory they have, their speeds can vary greatly.  Being in IT, I have accumulated a small collection of these drives and have needed a way to test USB…

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How to Find Drivers for Unknown Devices in Device Manager

Unknown Device IconYesterday I reinstalled Windows on a laptop for one of our users at work. When the installation was complete, I popped in the driver CD to begin the process of installing the drivers that Windows didn’t install. For some reason the CD only contained two of the eight drivers that I needed. Normally, tracking down the right driver can be a huge annoyance, especially when your devices are showing up with generic names like PCI Device, Video Controller, System Device, or Unknown Device. But with the help of a little utility, I was able to find all of the drivers that I needed saving me lots of time and frustration.

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How to Test a Power Supply Using the Nspire Power Tester Plus

Nspire Icon After getting tired of taking power supplies into our local tech shop to be tested, I purchased the Nspire Power Tester Plus. It is very cheap, easy to use, and gets the job done quickly. With it, you can test 20Pin or 24Pin Power Supply Connectors, P4 Power Connectors, Molex Connectors, and Floppy Power Connectors. This is also one of the few testers for this price that has the ability to test S-ATA Power Connectors. Although this walkthrough is specifically for the Nspire Power Tester Plus, I’m sure that the following information can also be applied to other power supply testers as well.

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How to Fix a Stuck or Dead Pixel

Stuck pixel? – fix with JScreenFix or these other tools! Even if you know about jscreenfix, this article will show you how to use jscreenfix in easy steps, plus give you some alternate options like flexcode and the pen tip pixel method. All of these are free! This guide will show you how to fix…

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how to make ethernet cable

How to Make an Ethernet Patch Cable

Making an Ethernet patch cable is easier than most people think, and I carry one with me all the time so you know it will be useful. Whether you want to learn to become a Computer Network Technician or just set up a network at home, I am going to share with you one of…

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BIOS Beep Codes Desktop Tent and Pocket Guide

I have put together a list of beep codes for the three largest BIOS manufacturers, AMI, Award, and Phoenix that can be folded and set up as a tent card for your desk or used as a pocket guide. I have also provided links to the manufacturer’s websites where I obtained the codes. Enjoy!

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