Crashed Hard Drive Opened for Recovery

How to Recover Data from a Crashed Hard Drive (Any Hard Drive)

The complete guide to hard drive recovery.  Successful hard drive recovery is important to everyone, because you have important and potentially irreplaceable data and files.  Whether the data has been lost due to a hard disk drive crash, or the computer has stopped working for some other reason, this article shows you how to safely…

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How to Easily Migrate Data From One Windows User Account to Another

How to Migrate Data From One Windows User Account Manually migrating a user over from an old profile to a new one can be a huge pain.  Not only do you have to track down all their old data and copy it to their new profile, you also have to reconfigure all of their programs…

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Apple Mac repair guide after crash

The Ultimate Mac Repair Quick Reference Guide

All in One Mac Computer Repair Guide! More and more companies are buying Macs.  As a tech even if you aren’t a fan of the platform, knowing how to support them can give you an edge in the marketplace.  My IT consulting business landed several clients because of our ability to support Macs.  Sometimes the…

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Free Remote Desktop Support Tool That’s Quick and Easy to Use

There are lots of remote support tools out there but most require you to either have an account or install something on the end-user’s machine in order to gain access.  This is fine in some cases but can be a burden if you need to quickly and easily provide remote support to someone.  I would…

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How to Compare your ISP’s DNS Servers with Others

I was recently faced with a situation where the response time of an ISP’s DNS servers on a network I was supporting seemed to be slower than they should have been.  Fortunately, there is a great tool available that I was able to use to test these DNS servers against the response time of public…

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Build a Solid Computer Repair Tool Kit with These Tools

Computer Technician’s Toolkit – My Computer Tools List Here is my list of computer technician tools for you to check out. As a computer technician you need to have the right computer repair tools in your computer repair tool kit with you at all times in order to perform your job effectively.  Some pros like…

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How to Mount an ISO File in Windows

Every once in a while I will download a program that is contained in an ISO file.  This is usually because the file was intended to be burned to a CD / DVD first before installing it.  However, instead of having to burn it to a CD / DVD first, there are some great utilities…

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How to Backup Printer Drivers and Restore Them on Another Computer

Back when I had a forum on this site someone posted a utility that allows you to back up printer drivers on one computer and restore them on another.  This utility has saved me countless amounts of time, especially when setting up new computers.  And since I don’t have the forum anymore, I felt like…

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