Easily Repair a Corrupt Internet Connection

Have you ever come across a computer that wouldn’t connect to the Internet after removing spyware or other network related software? Or maybe you can connect, but you can only visit certain sites while others time out. This problem is associated with winsock corruption in Windows XP. At this point most people reload the machine.…

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How to Host a Web Site from Your Computer

How to Host Your Own Website! In the following article I am going to show you how to host a website from your own computer. Why would you want to do this you might ask? Well for one, it’s free. It’s also great for hosting small web sites or sharing large files with friends.  I’ve…

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Prevent DS_Store and Trashes Creation On USB Drives

If you are like me and you use your flash drive between your Mac and your PC then you have probably noticed some extra files that Macs leave behind when you open it up in Windows. These files are usually titled .Trashes, .DS_Store, and various other dot underscore files, which are called resource forks. After…

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